Inpatient wards

Who we are

Our inpatient wards provide care to children and young people with a broad range of medical, surgical and complex specialty conditions. Your child will be admitted when they cannot be cared for in an ambulatory, community or general hospital setting.  
Your child may be admitted through the Emergency Department, as a planned admission or as a direct admission from another hospital or outpatient clinic at PCH.

We have ten inpatient wards:

Read about what to expect when you are staying with us.

Accommodation for parents

There are four types of accommodation for PCH patients, families and carers.

Read about these accommodation offerings


Our inpatients wards are located on Levels 1 to 5 and are accessible via the Green Lifts. 

The Surgical Short Stay Unit (SSSU) on Ward 3C is accessible via the Pink lifts. Before your child’s procedure, please enter SSSU via the Surgical Admissions entrance (turn left out of the Pink lifts). After your child’s procedure, please enter through the Ward 3C entrance (turn right out of the pink lifts).

Public access to the pink lifts is restricted between 9pm and 6am. Between these hours, parents and carers must contact security to request an escort to the ward. 


Inpatient wards are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Surgical Short Stay Unit (Ward 3C) opens at 7am on Mondays and operates on a 24 hour basis, Monday to Friday. The ward closes at 1pm on Saturdays and is closed on Sundays.  

Visiting hours

Read about visiting times and guidelines for PCH. 

Contact us 


If you wish to speak to someone on the ward, please call our Switchboard and ask to be put through to your relevant ward.

6456 2222 (PCH switchboard)

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